Dog Fever Reducer To Keep My Dog Healthy

Dog fever reducer to keep my dog healthy. Dogs are one of the important pets that we have in our homes. A dog can contract illnesses just like human beings. One of the most common infection in a dog is the fever. Fever is related to high-temperature levels in dogs and is usually a physiological sign of a different illness, inflammation or an internal infection that’s affecting your dog.

At first, you may not notice your dog is having a fever until you find him restless and uncomfortable when the fever level may be already too high. If you find your dog in such a situation, then you should start treating him/her early enough so that the infections do not escalate. There are several dog fever reducers out there that you should be aware of and which you can use to treat your dog.

Confirm If Your Dog is Suffering From a Fever

You should take responsibility as a responsible owner and enlighten yourself with dog fever signs and symptoms and a dog fever reducer that you can use. But before implementing any measures to assist your dog. The best thing to do first is to confirm that your dog has a fever. You can do this if you understand the signs and symptoms. You can check the temperature rise. The normal temperature of a dog is around 99.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If it exceeds this, then this is one of the signs that your dog is running a fever. You can use the nose test method to determine the temperature.

If you have a dog or cat with a grade fever you want to ensure that they drink water. Dogs including a dry nose need to be identified by the dog owners for an infection or inflammation. Human medications could possibly be an option but you first want to check with a vet before going down that road. If your dog is running a fever you will probably need a rectal thermometer to check to see if the dog has a fever anything that is about 102.5 degrees fahrenheit could indicate that the dog may have a fever. You want to ensure that you don’t give any medication that is toxic to dogs immune system. A dog body temperature should be noticeable to determine the dogs temperature one of the home remedies is to apply cool water.

dog fever reducer

dog fever reducer

Other signs that you can check

If your dog is suffering from a fever, he/she may frequently be vomiting, coughing a lot, cold shivers, having warm, dry nose, red eyes, lethargy, lack of energy and having no appetite where your dog may be ignoring even the favorite food.

What you should do

If you find the presence of the above signs, then your dog has a fever, you should, therefore, consider the use of dog fever reducer but before this, a wise decision os to consult a veterinary. He will observe your dog and recommend the appropriate measures to take. Some veterinary advice you to use dog fever reducer which may be a human medication such as aspirin, he will advise on the right dosage to use and usually it is in small doses than human beings as human medication may be sometimes toxic to the animals. The physical examination from a veterinary will also determine any other illness or infection that yourself could not have detected thereby informing you on what to do. You can administer the small dose of aspirin by mixing in the food so that the dog can take it because it is sometimes hard to make the dog take in the fever reducer plainly.

There are other ways you can use as dog fever reducers as there is no specific medication for this purpose and they include:

Hydrating your dog

Water is very important for every animal. Therefore it is very important that you make sure your dog drinks some. If the dog resists drinking some water, you can administer some through the use of a needless syringe, a dropper or offer some ice cubes to lick. Cool water at regular intervals is preferably better.

dog fever reducer


You can rub some alcohol on the toes of your dog and on the tummy to reduce the fever. You can use a cold compress and place it on the forehead or the tummy of your dog, and this is also an effective method or reducing the fever, or you can also use a soft cloth or towel to apply cool water on the dog’s paws and ears.

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Cool the temperature

If possible, cool the temperature around the house so that your dog may feel relieved. You can switch on the fun on and off to regulate the temperatures. You can make the kennel a cool place and provide clean utilities in your dog’s kennel. It is important to ensure hygiene as you have seen that many of the causes of fever can come from hygiene and related toxic substances that your dog might be exposed to.

Regular care

Another important way to ensure your dog is healthy and does not get the fever inflammation is to perform prevention measures. You can regularly take your dog to a vet for a regular health check. If there are some issues that may cause fever, the veterinary can detect and advice proper precautions that you need to take. Feed your dog properly with the appropriate dog food nutrition and ensure that your dog dwells in a clean dog shed.

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Causes of fever

Fever in dogs is an indication of various reasons such as common infections in dogs, lack of some nutritional deficiencies and this is the reason why you should ensure that you feed your dog with the right nutrition feeds. You can buy dog feeds that contain the essential nutrients from your local Agrovets. Another cause of fever may be as a result of an abscessed tooth which may be painful, dog worm infestations or even dog immune system disorders. Sometimes the fever can be mild, and you can use the simple methods discussed above to reduce the fever of the dog at home.

Fever in dogs may also be as a result of ingestion of poisonous materials from the surrounding; this is why you should not let your dog go out and eat waste from the dustbin or the streets. Let the dog get used to what you feed him. Dogs can also develop the fever from vaccinations because every dog has a different reaction. Therefore it is very important t.o determine the actual cause of the fever before administering any dog fever reducer.


As you have learned, there are many causes of dog fever; you can help yourself by understanding the symptoms and signs to look for when your dog is suffering. Become responsible and apply the basic dog fever reducer that you understand so that you may not lose your favorite pet but always remember to consult a veterinary before taking any measures if you are not sure and if you are not acquainted with dog’s behavior.