Calamine Lotion For Dogs : What Are The Benefits ?


Calamine lotion for dogs. Calamine lotion has been often used to enhance the health of the skin. This is especially to people who might have certain skin conditions. The main reason why this particular lotion is effective is that it contains powerful ingredients which deal with issues such as swelling and itching. These ingredients compliment each other to produce the desired results. Because of the effectiveness of this lotion many dog owners have been wondering whether they can use it on their dogs.

There have also been scientific studies which try to establish whether this particular lotion is ideal for dogs. There are even companies that make calamine lotion for dogs which is specially meant for dogs. But it is always paramount to know how this particular lotion can produce the desired results in dogs without causing any harm. You want to make sure your dog does not have an allergic reaction or vomiting and diarrhea. Making sure not to have an stomach upset due to zinc oxide in the calmine lotion make sure the dog does not ingest the lotion.

calamine lotion for dogs

calamine lotion for dogs

Active ingredient

The main active ingredient in calamine lotion is zinc oxide which is known to deal with different kinds of skin conditions. Applying this lotion in dogs require a lot of care especially because zinc oxide can cause negative effects if ingested by dogs. A dog might lick the lotion after it has been applied and this can cause stomach irritation on the dog. This makes it paramount to be careful while applying this particular lotion on dogs.

Some of the qualities that make this lotion ideal for dogs include that it works within a short time. The lotion can deal with different conditions such as bee sting, wasp sting and itching amongst others. This lotion gets into the body of the dog and it works to reduce swelling while at the same time softening the skin. Because it is important that the dog does not lick the lotion it is advisable to only apply on the affected area.

The fact that it works within a short time means that one can remove the lotion after a few hours. One can wash off the lotion using clean water after it has been applied. It is also advisable to keep on watching the dog so that it does not get to lick the lotion.

Even if the active ingredients of this lotion can cause negative effects they cannot cause any serious damage. This means that the dog will feel uncomfortable after it licks the lotion but it will not suffer from any serious conditions. The damage cause by the lotion is much less than the benefits it provides to the dog. This is the primary reason why one can use the lotion on dogs regardless of whether they will lick it or not. One just needs to apply the lotion a few times without having to apply it every day. If it is applied on moderate ways it will produce the desired results without causing any harm on the dog.

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calamine lotion for dogs

The fact that there is calamine lotion for dogs reduces the risks of the dogs being affected by the negative effects of the lotion. This particular lotion is made using ingredients that deals with different skin conditions but do not cause harm to the dog even when ingested. There are also ingredients that neutralize the effects of the active ingredients of this particular lotion. This gives dog owner the freedom to apply the lotion at any time and in any way without worrying that their dogs will lick themselves and ingest the lotion.

Even though calamine is lotion is effective in dealing with various skin conditions on dogs, it is always paramount to take the dog to a vet. This is because this lotion works to relief the pain and makes the dog more comfortable. Some of the skin conditions usually require specialized care and this can only be provided by a qualified vet. The vet will check the condition and might recommend further treatment for the skin condition to be dealt with effectively.

Some of the qualities that make this lotion ideal for dogs includes that it has been tested and certified to have safe ingredients. All the ingredients used on this lotion have been confirmed to be safe as long as they are not ingested. These tests are done by independent bodies which use state of the art technology to make sure they are safe. These tests give dog owners and people who use this particular lotion that they are using a quality product that cannot cause any kind of harm provided it is used in the right manner.

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Calamine lotion for dogs can be used on dogs of different kinds and sizes. It does not matter the breed or the gender of the dog. This is mainly because the lotion is made in a way that it does not produce negative effects on dogs no matter their sizes. If a dog is stung by a bee or a wasp or has any other condition this particular lotion can work effectively. This has contributed to this lotion being more popular when it comes to dealing with different skin conditions that usually affect dogs.

Another aspect of calamine lotion being applied on dogs is that it just requires a small quantity of the lotion to be rubbed on the affected area. One can apply the lotion directly on the affected area or first rub it on the hand prior to applying it. All what one needs is to ensure that the affected area has been covered sufficiently. Furthermore, if the skin condition has been as a result of the dog being stung by a bee one should remove the stinger. This is because bees usually leave their stingers on the place they sting. Removing the stinger ensures that the swelling will be less and the condition will be dealt with in a shorter time.


As a conclusion it is paramount to note that calamine lotion is effective in dealing with different skin conditions in dogs. This has been scientifically proven through tests and experiments. This has also been proven by dog owners applying the lotion on their dogs and getting the desired results. The ingredients used to make the lotion are designed to get into the skin of the dog and work within a short time. They even relieve the pain that the dog might be going through. All what one needs is to apply the lotion in the right manner. It is also important to make sure that the dog does not lick the lotion because it can cause stomach upsets. Therefore, calamine lotion is ideal and effective in dealing with different skin conditions on dogs.